Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier 6 Arm Votive Candolier


This hand wrought 6 arm votive candle chandelier is smaller than our other 6 arms. It comes with 6 votive candle flower pots. These are great inside your home or out on your porch or deck! We have even hung them from tree branches over our picnic tables. The votive pots help keep the candles lit.
When using them outside, the finish needs to be maintained otherwise, like all iron, they rust. A quick spritz of paint once or twice a year, and they can last a lifetime!
It has a loop top and holds standard base votive candles.


All of our wrought iron is hand forged by members of the Amish community of Lancaster County, PA and finished in satin black. Measurements are given in inches and may vary slightly due to the hand made nature of the items.
Mounting hardware is not included. 17 1/2″ W by 12″ H